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Helping people be financially successful is what I do best.

Small businesses make communities special.  I work for businesses like yours because I want our communities to be vibrant and secure.  I have been providing consulting services for over 20 years.




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Strategic Growth Opportunities

A unique history bridging the financial skills of a CFO and the operational skills of a COO allows me to effectively and efficiently help you figure out where to take action in your company.  As a CFO and COO with experience in marketing companies, salesperson supervision, outside sales, and economic analysis, you now have a partner helping guide the development of your company.

Accounting System Architect

A business that operates "in-control" is far more effective than one that is "flying by the seat of it's pants".  I can create a financial system for your business that streamlines financial functions, builds internal controls into procedures, designs KPIs, creates reports that help omit errors and oversights and build value into the accounting functions.  A well-designed accounting function should provide valuable information to stakeholders on a timely basis.

Financial Projections for Financing Approval

Many accountants can provide financial report for tax returns.  Other accountants can manage the general ledger and payroll.  It is a special kind of person that can reconcile tax returns with your goals and your dreams.  I can write a business plan and produce a financial forecast you believe in.  I will show you how to meet your own expectations step-by-step.  I will then present this forecast in a way the lender or investor can understand.  Your goals and your dreams will be reported clearly, in financial terms, to the people responsible for investing capital.

Part Time CFO

As a part time CFO, I recognize an efficient organization needs to staff itself for normal operating conditions.  When circumstances arise, or projects are created that create more work than the full-time employees can fulfill, you can call on me to fill the gap.  Situations which create opportunities for this kind of project work are:  software implementations, project work such as data analysis and contract valuations, vacations, maternity/paternity leave, illness, seasonal demand, unforeseen job vacancies, and of course running a lean operation and retaining a part time CFO "on call".  I enjoy helping people and companies be successful which is why I started One-Call CFO.  I am Scott Braun and everything I do is geared towards advocating for the health of the company that employs me.


Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things
— Peter Drucker


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